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Why you need a professional trustee


Feb 2020

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Not choosing a Professional Trustee could mean that your intended Beneficiaries lose out!


Trustees play an important role in the management of Trust assets and can be held personally liable for any losses made by the Trust if they don’t carry out their duties properly.


Therefore it is surprising to learn that when people set up a Trust they often look to their children and other family members, as their first choice of Trustees.


However, ALL Trustee’s must agree on how the deceased assets are distributed and as we all know, when it comes to families this can be extremely problematic, especially when it comes to making difficult and sensitive decisions.


There has even been cases where the surviving parent has requested money from the Trust they are the main beneficiary of but the Trustees, their own children, have refused this, picturing their inheritance being lost.


Imagine having your own children in charge of how you spend YOUR own money! 


Appointing a Professional Trustee will ensure that a totally unbiased approach is taken when dealing with the deceased’s assets, and that their wishes are completely upheld, helping to protect the Trust assets as well as ALL of the beneficiary’s.


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