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Our Relationship


At Aria Legal, we understand and value the importance of the trust our clients put in us. That's why we pride ourselves on offering our clients personal and exclusive services in return.

We like to treat our clients as we would expect to be treated; as we would expect our parents to be treated; as we would expect our grand-parents to be treated.

Careful Estate Planning means peace of mind for our clients, but also less stress and burden on their loved ones. At Aria Legal we strive to provide the best bespoke services and advice for our clients to be successful in planning their succession.

Understanding you


Our Estate Planning Consultants can visit you in the comfort of your own home, organise video conferencing or telephone consultations to assess your situation and discuss your objectives and aspirations. 


They will endeavour to understand your circumstances by asking you questions on what your priorities may be, as we aim to provide a comprehensive and caring service to all our clients.

This will also allow them to find out about any legal arrangements you may already have, so that they can take them into account.


All information shared with us is treated with the utmost care as all our Consultants and Legal Experts adhere to the principles of the Data Protection Act.




Once they have discussed and understood your priorities, your Estate Planning Consultants will explore with you various scenarios to determine which solution or legal product will best meet your requirements.

This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions or clarify any issues you may have, so that you can decide confidently what you wish to do.

Our Consultants will endeavour to give you clear, easy to understand guidance, avoiding any jargon until it is a true representation of what you want to happen.

Your Solution




Once they have taken your instructions, your Estate Planning Consultants will liaise with our legal and compliance teams to implement your bespoke solution, liaising with you at all times.


The Lawyers and Solicitors who will produce your legal documents are also Trust and Estate Practitioners.  

Then your Consultant will contact you again to present the documents to you and answer any questions you may have. Now is the time for you to feel confident that your aspirations are fulfilled, and your wishes followed.

We are confident that we will deliver a high quality service that will be among the best in the Estate Planning industry.

Contact Us


Please fill out the form and a member of our team will contact you or call 0800 612 5331.

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