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Duties and responsibilities of an Executor

March 2020


It might seem like an honour, but acting as an Executor is no mean feat!


The role is time-consuming and often stressful for those who may not fully understand what the job entails.


Therefore it is essential that you carefully consider whom you are going to appoint as an Executor of your estate.


When choosing Executors, you can select: Individuals; Professional People; or Trust Corporations; all of which have pros and cons that need to be considered.


Relatives can sometimes be too distressed to perform the role effectively, so while they may be your first choice because of the trust you hold in them, it might be wise to appoint a Professional Executor alongside them, to guide them through the process and ease their burden.


Appointing more than one Executor is often recommended - to help balance the workload and offer support.


It’s also crucial in case one of your choices predeceases you or is unable to perform the role when the time comes.  


We can help you weigh up all the options when it comes to appointing Executors to your estate, and ensure you make the best decision based on your situation!


To learn more about the role of an Executor or for advice on whom you should choose, contact us today.

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