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Funeral Plans


When a family loses a loved-one, it is a very stressful and emotional time for all members.


For the survivors who will take on the burden of dealing with the funeral planning and arrangements, discovering the deceased had taken out a funeral plan will make an enormous difference towards alleviating their sense of pain and distress.

Funeral plans also protect our clients against rising funeral costs and give them the assurance they have control today over what happens when they are buried, thus removing a lot of uncertainty or indecision from the equation.

We offer 5 types of Funeral Plans. All of them can be paid for upfront or on a monthly basis. Our consultants  can go through the options available to help you make the best choice.

Basic Plans


Designed for those whose budget is limited, but who wish to still make some provision to reduce the financial and emotional burden that their funeral might place on those left behind.

They don't include any kind of funeral services.

There are only availalble for Cremation.

Value Plans


Value Plans guarantee the funeral director’s services, but also include an allowance towards disbursements /3rd party fees.


The lowest priced option for a simple funeral plan including a basic coffin.


Standard Plans


Designed for those who want a relatively simple funeral, but one that gives loved ones the reassurance of a traditional, dignified, ceremony.


Offers the same features as the  Value Plan together with a simple coffin, a funeral procession, the choice for the family of date and time of the funeral and a greaer allowance towards disbursements/3rd party fees.

Select plans


Select plans tend to be the most popular ones.

They feature all the same elements as the Standard Plans, but also provide a limousine to transport the family to the ceremony and a high quality coffin.

Premier Plans


These plans offer the most comprehensive package.


They feature additional provisions like a more expensive coffin and two following limousines.


They are particularly suited to those with large families, or who favour the idea of a more lavish farewell.

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